Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can't believe it's been 3 weeks!

Ultimately, this blog may become more effort than it's worth. I have a few family members reading it, and a couple of friends, and like many, if not all of us...time is always precious. Certainly, the weather here in CT. has been great for training outdoors. I'm just loving it. I've also had some traveling in between. Spent 3 days in Ft. Worth, and it was hot as hell. I'm looking forward to my 1st race of the season, this weekend the Greenwhich Duathlon. I've been participating in this race for close to 20 years, and although it's not USAT sanctioned, it's still one of my early season favorites.

My older son Seth will finish up his teaching in Philadelphia by mid June, he's handed in his resignation, so he'll will be looking for employment in the writing or journalism field. He's basically "burnt out" with the teaching, and now wants to move on. So, if anyone reading this has any leads for a smart, creative, dynamic, writer with 2 years of teaching experience, let me know. He'll look at virtually any opportunity, providing he gets to use his skills and expertise to write.

Younger boy Max, is still pitching very well at FSC. He's now 7-1, got his 1st college loss last weekend against Flagler. Despite a standout pitching effort from him, his team suffered their fifth straight loss, falling to Flagler 2-1 Friday night at Henley Field. Max matched his career high with 14 strikeouts, scattered six hits and walked only two through eight innings, but all he had to show for it was his first career loss and the first in eight decisions for him this season. They have 6 games remaining, and he'll pitch 2 of them. 3 games against their arch rival Tampa, and 3 against Nova. Max leads the team in ERA with a 2.82, and they're 2nd in the Conference, and ranked 11th in the country. We're hopeful they make the Regionals, which will start May 14th.

The Red Sox are on a tear at the moment, winning the last 11 straight, with a sweep against the Yankees which always bring joy to my life. Watching Jacoby Ellsbury steal home with the bases loaded is about as good as it gets. I just have to keep pinching myself to remind me that it's only April...it's a long season. And my good buddy Dave and I went to see the Dead the other night in Hartford. What a dynamite show! These guys are all in their 60's and put on an outstanding 3 hours jam and oldies show. Talk about endurance, the energy they displayed was incredible. Well worth it, if you can make one of the shows...they are threatening to make this their last tour ever....but like many rock stars...they keep coming back...

I hope to reporting from the D-II Regionals...keep your fingers crossed....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sweet weekend

It was so nice...Starting Friday night, Max pitched against Eckerd College. He pitched a complete game and dominated, shutting out Eckerd, with only 4 hits, 1 walk, and 14 strikeouts, wins the game 7-0. On Saturday, they won the double header, and are now 31-5, and 11-1 in the Sunshine Conference. Max was also named Pitcher of the Week by the Sunshine State Conference. Big series starts Thursday night against the other 1st place team, Barry University. Max will pitch the Thursday night game, and they'll play a double header on Friday. This is very exciting, but very nerve racking. Also had a wonderful conversation with Seth, who was driving to DC for part of his week off from teaching. He is such a talented kid, and so insightful. He may get up here at the end of the week, maybe the 2nd night of Passover...I certainly hope so.

Then on Saturday, I had a great long, slow run complete with sun, rain, wind, and clouds. A little bit of everything. Got together with our gourmet dinner club last night, and sat around the t.v. and watched UConn lose. They were never really in it. Michigan State had Magic Johnson show up in the locker room before the game and give a motivational type speech to the guys. It definitely worked. UConn's pregame conference was televised, and Jim Calhoun, in my opinion, did a lousy job in terms of speaking to his team. It was a very flat speech, almost like he expected to win it. Surprise! Tom Izzo clearly had his agenda in order. Oh well...now let's see if the women can take care of Stanford tonight, and it starts at 9:30 PM. what's up with that?

After watching the weather on Friday, I decided if I had any chance of biking outdoors, it would be today...and it was. I had a great 25 mile hilly cruise throughout Orange and Milford, wearing just shorts, and a shirt. Glorious! I love this time of year. The smells, the flowers blooming, ah, it is so sweet. I was sorry I couldn't participate in the Brian's Boogie Beachside Du...but just checked the results, and see that Alan finished 1st overall. Congratulations Alan, nice job. So, for me, the season has begun. I always count the start of my season when I can bike outdoors.

I have an incredibly busy week between work, and Passover. We're hosting the 1st night Sedar at our house, Marla will be cooking for 14...always fun, but a lot of work. And I've got a lot of workouts to get in....Max on Thursday night, and hopefully Seth will be here....Ciao