Monday, March 30, 2009

Ahhh....spring is in the air

6 days, 21 hours till the 1st pitch for the Red Sox...I love it...when I ran on Saturday, crocuses, daffodils, and even the forsythias are starting to pop. This time of year is fantastic, especially if you run and bike. I ran for 90 minutes on Saturday, and felt great. I was able to go in shorts, and a fleece type windbreaker and no gloves. Hopefully, I'll be able to bike outdoors for the 1st time this season, within the week.

Next Sunday is one of my favorite season openers, Brian's Beachside Boogie. But, I've given my mountain bike to my son Seth, and never replaced it. So, looks like my 1st race of the season will have to wait till May 3, (my birthday) to do the Greenwich Duathlon. My indoor biking seems like it's getting stronger. I've concentrated this winter on using 2 of Troy Jacobson's DVD's. The Time Trial hour, and the single loop of the Lake Placid Ironman. They're tough and good workouts. And my swimming seems to be fairly strong. I attribute it all to the core strength training that Eric taught me in Jan., and I've tried to do it twice a week since. I definitely feel a difference in my arms, and my lower back. Both feel stronger.

Max continues to do well pitching. He won this past Friday night against St. Leo, he's now 5-0, with an ERA of 3, and this morning the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper has them rank #1 in the country for D-II. The team is 28-5, and undefeated at home. It's getting a little nerve racking.

And I've got 3 of the 4 teams in the final 4 of the NCAA. Michigan State, UConn, and North Carolina...and the Duke - Villanova game may be the best game I've seen all year. After reading an article in yesterday's New York Times about Facebook...I've started a page. Here's the link: All else is pretty good...

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